Letter to the editor: Why waste money?


As various board community committees research various ways to infuse money into the school district's budget, how can some members of the present board consider spending up to six figures of tax dollars to pay a consultant to find a new superintendent?

Is it because the old board majority put the present acting superintendent in place? Is it time to put politics aside and do what is right for taxpayers if you are considering asking for more tax money? Hasn't the acting superintendent decreased central administration, saving money that gave some money back to fill the pay gap for staff that experienced pay freezes? Hasn't the acting superintendent reached out to the community to mend fences that previous administration created along with the previous board?

It is time for the new board to swallow their pride and move forward and not waste tax dollars when every dollar is needed for our students that these same new board members complained about wasting money on reform efforts of the previous board.

Does it make sense to extend the contract for a year, let new board members evaluate performance and make a decision based on facts rather than personal feelings and not waste money now when it is needed in other places?

Dave Usechek


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