Letter to the editor: Vote for unity, community


After eight years of failing reforms, outside interests continue to try to divide the residents of Douglas County. Grassroots candidates prevailed in 2015. This year, outside interests are funding candidates who say they are for "parent choice," while making the false accusation that the four grassroots candidates do not support charter schools. Eight years of fiscal mismanagement have hurt both neighborhood and charter schools.

Approving charter schools not recommended by the district's own Charter Application Review Team hurts existing charters. Having more seats than students hurts both existing charters and neighborhood schools. Many charter parents choose to send their kids to neighborhood high schools, all of which are suffering from reforms and lack of funding. For these reasons and more, I encourage all Douglas County voters, including charter families, to support grassroots candidates Graziano, Holtzmann, Leung and Schor. CommUNITY matters.

Darien Sloan Wilson

Highlands Ranch

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