Letter to the editor: Time for change


I am a retired educator whose two children received a quality education in Bellevue, Nebraska.  I am concerned that my granddaughter will be offered less here. The high teacher turnover indicates a problem to me.  Quality teachers stay where they are rewarded, respected, and involved in decision-making, and I believe teachers are the most important component in a child's education.

Located in one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., Douglas County Schools should be held up as examples of excellence.  Instead test scores have fallen and too many schools are in the "needs improvement" category. The students and educators have clearly been not given the support from the board of education that they need and deserve.

I believe the students, teachers and parents in Douglas County are ready for board members who believe in transparency, will communicate with the community, and will demonstrate their respect for the taxpayers they serve. We need sound fiscal management to achieve high goals for students.

Most of all a culture of trust is the foundation for improvement. I will vote for Graziano, Holtzmann, Leung and Schor to bring this back and to lead our schools to new levels of excellence for the public schools of Douglas County.

Lynette Ryder


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