Letter to the editor: Cyclists face obstacles, too


I was disappointed that this article did not address the difficulties cyclists face while sharing the road with pedestrians. My husband commutes almost daily from Parker to his job in Inverness. He rides the Cherry Creek trail, along with the Sulfur Gulch and the E-470 trails. He takes precautions to warn people of his approach, verbalizing with the "on your left" as well as ringing a bell.

Most people are courteous and give him room to pass, but there are plenty of "road hogs" too. These are the pedestrians who ignore him and walk in the center of the path with the dog leash at full extension, or they wear head phones and cannot hear his approach. On many occasions, he has had to come to a complete stop, dismount his bike and walk through the grass to pass pedestrians.

The city needs to address the pedestrian problem just as vigorously as they seem to be addressing the cyclists'. A single dirt path for pedestrians may alleviate some of the congestion, but many people will still choose to walk on the paved area (and vice versa for bikes). A more comprehensive approach for both bicyclists and pedestrians needs to be considered, such as designated bike lanes along roadways, or painted lanes on the paths. A single track for pedestrians is a start, but will only be a Band-Aid stuck on a much bigger problem.

Kathie Scrimgeour


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